Inability to get conceive at the right time really sulks.

And one of the biggest threats to achieving this is Sperm pour or Sperm Leak or Sperm Re flux. But for this case study I will refer to it as Sperm Pour

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is the explicit name given to the range of pelvic infections and inflammations.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease at work.

It refers to infections that ascends the female upper genital area (the female structures above the cervix). Besides AIDS, PID is the most common with serious complications of STD among women.

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Luteal Phase Defect And Effective Natural Solutions


A common cause of delay in conception among women today is the Luteal phase defect or Corpus luteum insufficiency.

The Luteal phase defect in a menstrual cycle comes with several negative effects that vary from one woman to another.

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candidaI have to deal with the issue of yeast infections as it relates to fertility as I have received many calls with respect to this subject.

This is exactly what this article is all about.

Every woman has had to deal with yeast infections at a point in her life but while some didn’t have problems dealing with the infection,many women struggle to completely get rid of the infection as it keeps coming back. It poses one way or the other by standing in the way of conception.

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10 healthy foods to help Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) simply defined is the inability to attain or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.
It is otherwise referred to as impotence. It is however common for men to experience it once in a while especially during the periods of stress.

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Male Fertility is as important as female fertility. If the male is not fertile it is impossible for the fertile female to get pregnant.
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10 Major causes of Sperm Leak and their Solutions

Sperm Cells

Sperm Cells

Obviously one major cause of infertility today is Sperm Leak or Sperm Pour.

Sperm Pour Or Sperm Leak occurs when after sexual intercourse, sperm pours out of the vagina either while you are still lying down or after some hours after you are up.

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Why heavy breasts with pains before periods?

babybabyHave you ever noticed that your breasts are getting bigger and painful at certain times in your cycle?
If you don’t go through this experience, other women do and your friend may be experiencing or going through it with a heavy heart.
This article is for you because breast swelling and tenderness is a common issue among women.

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Menstruation,menstrual disorders and solutions

8112Menstruation or menses is not a new word on the lips of every woman because it is expected that every lady or woman above the age of 15 years will experience it monthly and it will continue for a period of her lifetime.

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