Erectile dysfunction (ED) simply defined is the inability to attain or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.
It is otherwise referred to as impotence. It is however common for men to experience it once in a while especially during the periods of stress.

However, frequent ED can be a sign of health problems that need treatment.

Besides the pills, pumps and surgeries, there are foods when eaten can help erectile dysfunction.
I am going to show you 10 healthy foods that can help with erectile dysfunction.


A refreshing bite helps improves your sexual life

A refreshing bite helps improves your sexual life

  1. Watermelon – This big balls are sweet and refreshing. My boy at home does not joke with this fruit.
    Watermelon contains plenty water but interestingly contains lycopene which is an antioxidant that is excellent for your prostrate, heart and your skin.
    Watermelon contains compounds that have similar effects on your blood vessels just as drugs for erectile dysfunction.
    Studies have pointed out that it can revive your sex drive.
    Even if you are using drugs to treat erectile dysfunction currently, don’t forget to take a bite of my boy’s favorite fruit.




2. coffeeCoffee – If erectile dysfunction is your problem, then forget Bournvita and Milo
but embrace coffee. Coffee contains caffeine that helps improve blood flow.

A study showed that men who took two or three cups of caffeine were less likely to suffer from ED
Instead of another Milo drink, try a cup of caffeinated coffee.






3. walnutsNuts – Walnut is excellent for ED. Walnuts contains plenty of arginine, an amino acid needed by the body to make nitric oxide. Also a  very good source of vitamin E, folic acid and fiber.
A little in your daily diet is cool as nuts have high calorie content.




4. grape juiceJuice Up – You can enjoy a refreshing beverage of fresh grape juice (that you think are only for kids). The grape juice contains nutrients that increase the amount of nitric oxide in your body.
If grape is not your thing, then pomegranate juice is also good as it has same effects.









garlic5. Garlic – That smelly stuff . This smelly bulb can make you do wonders between the sheets. Having garlic in your diet will help in making your arteries healthy and free as you age.
It is not unusual if plagues forms on the walls of your arteries thereby cutting off blood flow which in turn is reduced or cut off.

A bulb of garlic saves you from circulation troubles




green vegetables6. Greens – As a growing boy, i didn’t like green vegetables but I know better now.
They are nitric oxide booster and a nutritional power house. It has excellent benefits on your sexual life as they are packed full with vitamins, minerals and omega -3s.





chilli pepper7. Chilli Pepper – My dad does not like chilli peppers but I love them. Adding chilli pepper to your meals is wise.
It helps to relax the arteries, which helps blood flow well to the heart and other organs including the wonder kid (your penis).

Chillis helps to lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots and cholesterol. Add it to your meal today and you will be glad you did.




fatty fish8. Fish – Fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon are good sources of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which may boost nitric oxide in your body.
They help to lower your blood pressure which reduces the risk of blood clots and heart attacks.
Eat Sardines at least a week and your body will be glad you did.





shellfish9. Oysters – This shellfish is choke full of zinc a vital nutrient your body needs and also excellent for improvement of sex drive. It also helps to increase your testosterone levels which is also good for your sex drive.
Make sure you know the source of the shell fish and ensure it is cooked properly.




I have saved my favorite for the last.




chocolate bar10. Dark Chocolate – I know you are not a kid but having a shot of this nutritious bar is good for your sex life.
Chocolate is rich in flavanols, a plant nutrient that can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. This makes it good for your heart.
It also provides your body with nitric oxide which will help in erections just in other ED drugs.

Here you are with ten lofty foods that can help improve your erections. Start today with the watermelon and experience a better and healthy sex life.
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