Sperm Cells

Sperm Cells

Obviously one major cause of infertility today is Sperm Leak or Sperm Pour.

Sperm Pour Or Sperm Leak occurs when after sexual intercourse, sperm pours out of the vagina either while you are still lying down or after some hours after you are up.

Types Of Sperm Leak

There are two types of sperm pour.

  1. Sperm pour while you are lying down
  1. Sperm pour after standing up.

Let’s look at each type briefly.

  1. Sperm pour while lying down – This is the most common type of sperm pour women experience.

This type of sperm pour occurs immediately after the penis is ejected from the vagina after ejaculation.

It can get annoying seeing  sperm seeping out from the vagina immediately after love making.

Quick fix: After the semen has been released into the vagina, the man should leave his penis in there, till he loses erection.

This may help but if it does not, then there are underlying problems that will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

  1. Sperm pour after standing up – This type of sperm pour is the most devastating of the two types.

Just imagine after making love . No leak while she is savoring the moments of sexual bliss while she is still on bed only for the leak to come out after she must have slept and at times after she must have taken a shower before going to bed.

Or experience the sperm pour after about 2-3hours after sex.

Heart Breaking isn’t it?

This article attempts to look at the possible lasting solutions to this type of pour.

To every effect or result there is a cause. And this is applicable to sperm pour. There are 1o causes outlined in this article and each cause comes with its quick fix.

Causes Of Sperm Pour.

Sperm pour is not only a woman thing, I am simply saying it is not usually in all cases that women are the cause of sperm pour. Men also are causative agents.

The following below will explore the makeup of the causes and how they can be fixed immediately

  1. Infections
  1. Low Sperm Quality
  1. Cervical Mucus
  1. Disturbing friendly bacteria in Vagina
  1. Internal Heat
  1. Antisperm Antibodies
  1. Retroverted Uterus
  1. Long Penis

9. D & C

10. Unexplained causes


Listed above are the major causes of sperm pour after sexual union. Any of the above accounts for the high number of infertility cases experienced by families today.

We are going to be looking closely at each of these causes and attempt to see how it relates to you and also the quick fix for each of the cause explained below.

1. Infections

This is the first on the list. It accounts for about 60% of sperm pour cases experienced by couples today. This means both Men and women can be causative agents of sperm pour caused by infections.

Infections are simply defined as an uncontrolled growth of micro-organisms in a host.

If the host either the man or woman, allows infections to thrive in their reproductive regions. Then there is a big problem.

For women

Frequent and uncomfortable discharge from the vagina is a sign of infection. If she is infected with  either bacterial infection  or viral infections , the growth and spread of the infection resists the advancement of the sperm released into her body through the vagina and as such the sperm is possibly killed and sent backwards.

Yeast infection creates a very acidic environment for the sperm to thrive and therefore destroys the sperm and the sperm is poured out through the vagina.

It is very important that infections are not to be toyed with but treated properly if symptoms are noticed. And if they reoccur after the use of antibiotics.

Please treat with alternative herbal medicines we provide for permanent solutions. 

For Men

With infections, the quality of the sperm may be compromised and may result in watery or weakened sperm. When the sperm are ejaculated into the vagina, as a result of  apparent weaknesses, they do not go far and are sent out as sperm leak.

In both males and females, infections pose as a roadblock for the transportation of sperm through the vagina to the uterus.

The only fix, here is to treat infections as they appear. Better still, go for treatment as soon as you have unprotected sex with illegal or untrusted partners.

2. Poor Sperm Quality

The motility of the sperm cells are of utmost importance. When the sperm analysis shows that the sperm has more immotile sperm cells, then there is a problem.

The less active motile sperm cells a man has, the more difficult it is for the sperm to make it through the cervix after ejaculation.

A sluggish and tired sperm is not a candidate of the marathon race.

The sperm quality can be so poor in some cases and turns out very watery. Tell me how far can such semen go?

The better the quality of the sperm the better their chances of making it through after coition.

QUICK FIX.It is not degrading if you run sperm analysis after one year of unprotected sex and sex keeps seeping out. Go out and run a test.

And if infections are present after an analysis has been conducted.
Please do let me know

Many men shower blames on their wives and refuse to run sperm analysis. Any man that does this is a BIG FOOL. It is a wise thing to do the needful if need be and stop torturing your wife.

Men, in my little time in practice are major contributing factors to the issue of sperm pour.

If any parameter is found wanting or defective, work on it, there are many drugs and supplements available in the market today to help you improve the quality of your sperm.

Also endeavor to eat vegetables, cucumber, fruits such as avocados, banana and watermelon.

Also snack on nuts such as tiger nuts and walnuts.


The cervical mucus are produced by the glands in the cervix. The primary function of the cervical mucus is to transport the sperm to the egg.

At various stages in the female menstrual cycle, the nature of the mucus changes.

Before ovulation, the mucus is thin and watery. But becomes stretchy as ovulation approaches. It becomes thick , sticky and inelastic after ovulation. At this stage, the cervix is closed and the passage to the womb is shut and as such the sperm movement is impeded.

As a result of the shut cervix, ejaculated sperm have no way to pass and as such flows back and out of the vagina.

A thick cervical mucus all through the cycle signifies possibilities of inflammation of the glands of the cervix.

The inflammation can be caused by infections or chemical substances from soaps, vagina wash, tampons or sanitary pads and douching substances.

Also, women that release too much cervical fluid that it even makes loud clutter noises during sex are also prone to sperm pour.



I will show Six ways you can improve cervical mucus so that sperm can be transported properly to meet the egg.

1. Drink plenty of water preferably warm water so that your body is not dehydrated, six to eight glasses a day can help improve the quality of cervical mucus.

2. The use of the cough syrup Robitussin. It is an expectorant that helps to losen mucus in the lungs.

Please make sure you buy one with an active ingredient, guaifenesin.

Take 2 teaspoon three times daily five days before ovulation and use all through ovulation day.

3. Garlic. Thins out cervical and lungs mucus.

4. Grape fruit juice

5. Evening primrose Oil helps also to increase cervical mucus. Vitamin A in form of bera carotene.

4.Disturbing the friendly bacteria in the vagina.

Too much consumption of white sugar (which can cause yeast infection) and the over use of pharmaceutical drugs will upset the balance of the population of the friendly bacteria in the vagina and this results in the pour of sperm experienced after sex.

The consumption of white sugar must be stopped or reduced to the barest minimum as a healthy practice



The internal heat experience is not a new thing to some women.

For those that experience it regularly, a pelvic scan is recommended.

Pelvic adhesion and Pelvic Inflammatory disease can cause internal heat.

Among the causes of internal heat is the growth of tumor like fibroid in or around the uterus.

The presence of these tumors generate heat within the reproductive region.

This brings about the liquefaction of the sperm and make them watery and such the sperm loses the required push and at a point cannot continue the journey and as such it is repelled out through the vagina.


It is important you see a doctor for proper examination if you are experiencing internal heat.

Tests may be carried out to determine the root cause of the problem.


Anti-sperm Antibodies are chemical substances produced by the immune system that assumes that the sperm is an enemy of the body and then it goes ahead and attacks it.

It has been discovered that these antibodies are formed after the treatment of infections.

The anti-sperm antibodies from the man attacks the tail of the sperm rendering them immobile.

The anti sperm antibody from the woman attacks the head of the sperm and weakens the sperm. As a result, the weak sperm are unable to penetrate the mucus of the cervix.


Detoxification of the body is very necessary here.



A retroverted uterus is simply, an uterus that is tipped backwards so that it tappers towards the rectum instead of the belly.

Other names for retroverted uterus are tipped uterus, retro-flexed uterus and uterine retro-displacement.

Even though, it should not interfere with conception.

Most women that have retroverted uterus experience sperm leak .


The sexual position and protocol must be altered in your case. Instead of the normal missionary style, the rear entry sexual must be adopted and at the end, the woman will lie on her belly with pillow underneath instead of lying on the back.



Lol. Not in all cases.

It is not unusual for men with very long penis to misfire sperm during ejaculation and miss the target. Target missed is another opportunity for sperm leak.


It is important to pull back the shaft of the penis about 3inches just before ejaculation.



After D & C and other instrument insertion procedures, the vagina canal is left very sore and inflamed. This makes the vagina canal area very hostile to sperm as long as much as one year after the procedure . With the antibiotics and infections associated with the procedure ,sperm may not travel through the vagina canal and as such expelled.



The woman simply can’t explain the reason for the pour. The causes listed above are neither a part of what she has previously experienced before nor what she is currently experiencing.

In this case she is so sure that there are no issues of concern but sperm is spilling out after sex.


In summary there are basically three reasons for Sperm Pour

  1. Infections
  2. Inflammation of the Vagina canal and the cervix
  3. Poor Sperm Quality

1 & 2 above follow each other. Infections may cause inflammation of the vagina canal. At times, the vagina canal remains inflamed even after the use of antibiotics. As discussed earlier, antibodies are usually formed after these treatments that also stand as a barrier to the glorious advancement of the sperm..

In cases of sperm pour after treatment of infections. It is important that a detoxifier is used not only to detoxify but also to create an environment friendly for the Sperm to travel.

Fertility Round Table offers solutions to Sperm Leak in women. It is a kit made up of two powerful drugs.

Here is a brief of what to expect.

  1. Efficient detoxification thereby getting rid of toxins and also making anti sperm antibodies very sperm friendly.
  2. Helps to get rid of infections and also helps to create immunity in the vagina against future destructive infection.
  3. Helps to heal inflamed vagina canal and inflamed cervix.
  4. Totally stops sperm leak.
A testimony from Nnewi

A testimony from Nnewi



The Kit is available and can be shipped to any part of Nigeria within two days.

The major problem has been exposed and solutions have been proffered. Using the quick fix as it relates to the underlying cause as you have observed or from test, I am not in doubt that the problem will be permanently solved.

I wish you all the best and don’t forget to write.






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