God Will Give You This Kind Of Experience!

“Preparation is the mother of expectation” my pastor will say.What you do not prepare for don’t expect.If you have been trying to conceive for a while without really knowing what to do then you better read this.

I have been a student of fertility for quite a while and I have discovered that there are three cardinal reasons why infertility among women is increasing and that is Increased weight ,stress and lack of exercise.

It is important to note that if you have a healthy weight  many of the issues surrounding your fertility may not be present. Having a healthy weight will balance your hormones and as such ovulation problems will be arrested so also are other things like fibroids, PCOS, ovarian failures etc

We shall be looking at how to develop L*E*G*S to outrun your present circumstances and improve your chances of conceiving this year. Honestly, do not be deceived there is no shortcut unless YOU patiently grow L*E* G*S.

So let’s get going,

L – Lose weight: You have to be close to your ideal weight before you can conceive. If you have irregular periods, or no periods, and are overweight, losing weight may help to regulate your periods and make ovulation happen.

You can improve your chances of conceiving if you’re at, or close to, your healthy weight before you get pregnant. You can calculate your body mass index (BMI) using this BMI calculator.

This will show if you fall within the healthy range.

E- Eating Healthy Meals: Many cases of ovulation related issues stems from poor diet. Your overall health is a function of how healthy the food you eat. There are so many changes you can start making in your diet .

That can greatly improve your chances of conceiving. Eating a nutritious and varied range of foods will get your pregnancy off to a good start.

G-Give yourself an exercise routine: To be candid, many women do not do any form of exercise especially those that are housewives. At a point they find it hard to even stand up from their sitting positions. (I didn’t mean to be offensive).

While exercises can help you too loose weight, it will also help you to have a very healthy and active body. You do not need to start jogging.

You’ll find it easiest if you build exercise into your every-day life.Walk to work, take the stairs whenever you can, or try a bit of gardening.  30 minutes of moderate exercise daily should make a difference to your weight and to the way you feel.

And finally the S*

S- Stress – free: Honestly, it is usual to be stressed up especially  looking at the circumstances around you. Stress can have a devastating effect on your attempts to get pregnant. Everything that concerns you should be left to the Almighty. Try to relieve stress as much as possibly. A little laughter and a genuine smile can go a long way to make you a better person.

Honestly if you have L*E*G*S, hormonal issues,ovulatory issues and many of the rubbish preventing you from having your dream child will not stand in your way.

Loads of baby dust to you.


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