I am not in doubt that you know very well that to father a child at all, your sperm quality must be top notch. It is no longer news that the society today has men struggling with sperm quality issues.

manTalking about quality, I mean having the required sperm count, highly motile sperm ( great swimmers) and of course the sperm must be in great shape.

This article explores an important nutrient that must have a place in your body that will improve sperm count, its morphology (shape) and motility.

The nutrient this article explores is COQ10.

COQ10: In one word COQ10 is a short form of Co Enzyme Q 10. It is a natural occurring non- protein molecule created by the body and can also be ingested from regular diets. It is found naturally in the body and helps for normal cell function.

It helps to convert carbohydrates to useful energy. It helps to regulate blood pressure in the body.

As an anti oxidant, it aids in fighting free radicals that damage cell membrane or that even tampers with cell DNA and in some cases causes cell death.

The free radicals are responsible for aiding in aging and also increase health issues such as cancer and heart diseases.

In order to improve sperm count, motility and its morphology it important to take Coq 10 regularly, in fact have a dose daily.

The sure way to have a daily feel of this enzyme is through natural food sources.

Let’s look at a few of them.


Fish is a delicacy and also a fertility booster.

Fish is a delicacy and also a sperm count booster.

CoQ10 is found abundantly in fatty fish such as Sardines, mackerel, herring , salmon and Tuna. These fished are rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids which helps in the boosting of sperm count and improving its overall quality.





How often do you eat this?

Meat sources such as chicken, turkey , liver, heart and kidneys are great sources of CoQ10. Taking these sources once a week will add up to CoQ10 in your body and ultimately help in improving sperm quality.

Fruits And Vegetables

A Good Flusher Of Toxins From The Body

A Good Flusher Of Toxins From The Body

Fruits such as berries, oranges, apples and black currants are good sources of CoQ10

While vegetables such as spinach , cauliflower, broccoli are excellent sources of this enzyme.






Taking Yoghurt, milk in balanced diets will provide your CoQ10 needs .

That is CoQ10 for you. Taking foods that contains this enzyme will go a long way in making you have a more healthier sperm.

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