Bumper testimonies this week and i can’t hide my emotions. 8 awesome testimonies came in the past 4 days and still counting.

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Infact I receive testimonies daily and these testimonies makes me very happy with what God is helping me do.

I don’t make posts like this but this time around i just have to encourage many of our readers.

This week was a good week for me especially because of the testimonies i received from eight of my patients. I will share three of them .

The first one was a voice call from a patient at Ibadan. She had sperm leak issues and the husband was losing count. She ordered for the sperm leak treatment kit and also got sperm boosters for her husband. When she got pregnant about 3 months after she called me to share the good news and on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 she put to bed and delivered a big healthy boy through CS. Great News.

The second one from Abuja was suffering from Blocked Fallopian Tubes and when she purchased the Fallopian Flush Kit December 2017 it seemed to her that she was throwing money away after so many failed attempts to unblock her tubes using other solutions.

She keyed into the protocol and in April she ran HSG  again and discovered that her tubes were no longer blocked. She still kept contact with me little advice here, precautions there and God visited her.

On Tuesday 22nd May she sent me a message on whatsapp that she had put to bed and God had blessed her with a baby girl


On Monday 26th March 2018 a woman contacted me on Whatsapp with respect to sperm leak issues. We had a brief discussion and on Wednesday 28th March she paid N19000 for the kit. On the 29th she received the kit and began her treatment immediately following the protocol i sent to her.

On the 1st May 2018, she sent me a good message telling me the Sperm Leak had stopped. In her Words “No more Sperm Leak” Indeed something was happening but that was not all.

The lady reached me on the 22nd May and told me that she had missed her periods for 5 days, I smiled but gave her the information that will keep her going.

On the 24th March she reached me to share the GOOD NEWS

“Sir, i just did a scan which says I am 4 weeks pregnant

Am Happy”

That single news made my day.


The truth is that you could be any of these ladies, but why you have not enjoyed their experience is because you have not keyed in into my expertise and our ever working fertility products.

Here are a few reasons you have not enjoyed their experience.

  1. Lack of Trust – Yes i agree that the internet is full of beasts that are on the look for a victim. Well i am not one and never will be. I have been selling my health services via the internet since 2009 and for once we have not lost a delivered product in transit talk less of delaying shipped items. No one that has paid for our services or products that have not received what they wanted.

If you are interested in any of the products advertised on this site exercise no fear, just go ahead and place your order by making payment through this channel. Friends I don’t offer Pay On Delivery (POD). And here is the simple reason, i use courier services in most cases to do deliveries and once in a while waybill. These companies provide no mandate for their delivery team to receive money on behalf of a customer and of course i pay for their services before items are sent. If you can’t prepay I am sorry you can’t have my products.

I believe any serious person can prepay. I am not a thief and i will never run with your money. Trust me on this.

Herbal Products from Fertility Round Table are top notch and very effective. The beauty is that it worth more than its price tag. You can trust our products and services and at the same time you have nothing fear when you prepay for our products. No one will run with your money.

2. Not Knowing What You Want – Some people when they contact me think I don’t have what to do and begin to waste my time. Many of them have spent money on doctors that hardly listened to them and never gave them help, ran several tests that money was paid in return for such services no question asked why then waste my time in the chat room. If you have genuine problem chat me up, tell me your problem possibly with results . I study the issue (this can take some time though or immediately if i am not busy) i proffer a solution and off you go.If your solution is what i can provide for you, i offer it you. Don’t ask me for pictures because i don’t have any on my device. Just order for the product by making payments and expect your product within 4 working days.

I want to celebrate with you just i have done with others. To be celebrated means taking massive action on your challenge. Taking massive action is to seek help now that i am near so that life will be better for both of us.

Talk to me today and lets see how you can be helped.

Chat me up on whatsapp 0803 616 9013.

Enjoy your Weekend


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