I have received several calls and mails with respect to sperm flowing out after intercourse despite following the steps I listed on a previous article.

From my research,Eda is an infection and can be cured. You can get a cure from elderly women that sells herbal solutions or you can follow this simple procedure outlined below.

To get started get wonderful kola.

  1. Cut in bits.
  2. Pour into a bottle(like big plastic table water bottle)
  3. Add water, allow to stay over the night.
  4. Take one shot daily until you have finished the contents of the bottle.

Once the drink is finished , do stay away from pills,herbs,medication etc for at least 3days.Please make sure you drink at least a litre of water during this three days.

After the third day,you will need the following,

  • Boric powder
  • Empty gelatin capsule
  • Plain,flavour and sugar free yoghourt ( labelled active live culture)
  • Vagina applicator
  • Centurelle
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Here is how to put all together.

    • Wash vagina with very diluted apple cider vinegar in warm water,


    • Next fill empty gelatin capsule with the boric powder


    • Then insert in vagina for about three minutes.


Every morning pump an applicator full of the yoghourt in vagina and on the on the 4th day take your centurelle according to direction on pack. It is that easy.

Or pick up our recommended product solution.

And I am so sure that Eda (sperm flow out) will  be a thing of the past. Now enjoy your sexual life without ever having to worry of sperm leakage.






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