Fertility Consultations With Dr. Kolawole Bisiriyu
A Natural Fertility Consultant.




From the Desk Of Dr. Kolawole . B

Lagos, Nigeria


Dear Friend,

Possibly you are at crossroad, not knowing what step to take next, or you have tried various treatments and medications but the problem still persists.

The truth is that you will not get the right result if the underlying problems are not tackled.

You need to get that specialist that cares and deeply understands your health challenge and helps you tackle the underlying problems to achieve excellent results.

And if you want a Natural Fertility Program that delivers the right foundation for your overall fertile health.

Then you need this special Fertility Consultation.

This is what I mean.

I and my team are making our-selves available to couples and people in need of direction for their fertile health.

Fertility Round Table provides expert Fertility consultants that truly care and wants you to achieve only the best in your quest of becoming fertile and whole again.

We shall help you by providing you with your personalized informational needs on the following

1. Holistic approach to your fertility improvements.
2. Proper diet to take in order to meet your fertility needs.
3. Natural Therapies that will make your fertility journey worthwhile.
4. Herbs and supplements that you will need to achieve all round wellness.
5. Areas in your life that is impairing your fertile health and how you can easily adjust to suit your immediate health needs.

And much more

This service will be rendered to you through E-mail Consultancy.

You will have an unbeatable e-mail consultancy service from one of our fertility specialists in any area that you need support such as,
1. Ovarian health
2. Fallopian Tubes Health.
3. Uterine health.
4. Sperm Health
5. Penile health
6. Boost of overall fertility in preparation for conception.
7. Pelvic Health
8. Other fertility issues

How can you book for Consultation?

Making a booking is very easy.

1. Pay through the payment gateway here
2. You will receive a link to a simple form for you to fill immediately your payment is confirmed. You will get an e-mail immediately. Kindly read through and respond to the simply questions.
3. Within 24hrs after filling the form, your consultant will reach you on phone to get details
of your condition and concerns.
4. Your concerns will be reviewed and a detailed Fertility consultation on PDF will be sent to you within 24 hrs.
5. Thereafter you will receive 21 days email followup to the consultation giving deeper and  concise information and also answering your questions.

We are convinced we can help you just as others have been helped.

A testimony from E-mail consultancy

A testimony from E-mail consultancy

Another Testimony from E-mail Consultancy

Another Testimony from E-mail Consultancy


You can start your own Fertility Program or Infection Free Program tailored specifically for your needs today.

You can get started today and Now!