Menstrual Health Formula
This special formula contains super Chinese herbs that helps do the following.
a. Balancing of hormones.
b. Takes care of abnormal Absent periods (amenorrhea)
c. Gets rid of very painful periods (dysmenorrhea) involving abdominal cramps.
d. Helps to promote healthy circulation of blood around the reproductive organs.
e. Helps to release static blood after child birth.
f. Helps for irregular menses and overall menstrual health.
g. Helps to increase the body’s immune system and makes it more resistant to bacteria and viral infections
h. Helps to support egg health

This formula is enhanced to bring quick results. If you have missed your periods for a long time,then this formula is your best bet.

Hear what a 46 yr old Nigerian living in Germany has to say about the efficacy of this unique formula

Praise God my period is out


Another from Northern Nigeria has got this to say after experiencing ammenorrhoa for 6 months.

Thank God I am back and I am happy to tell you my period came. I am just finishing today…

For almost 6 months my periods didn’t come.



Price – N19,000

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