The foods we eat makes or mar us.It is either they make us fertile or infertile(directly or indirectly)

In this article we are going to be looking at foods that you must avoid in order to improve your fertility.If you can remove these foods you will realise that many things affecting you will begin to become a thing of the past.

So let us look at a few.

Dairy especially cow milk are one of the most infertility aggravating foods consumed well around us. These products contains hormones (estradiol, estriol,progesterone, testosterone, corticosterone just to mention a few) which are injected into these animals inorder to increase their milk production.

Do you know that dairy products also contains pesticides and antibiotics which destroys body and causes hormonal imbalance.
From my research I have come to discover that it is only Man that drink milk of other animals. The simple fact is that dairy is not part of human diet and as such many people around the world are not consuming it.

Dairy products such as cheese and ice-cream contain too much fat and cholesterol which aids clogged arteries , infertility , and heart disease.

This explains why people take drugs and do not get the required result because the underlying issue of dairy sensitivity is not addressed.
Also we are told from advertisements that milk contains calcium that makes for strong and healthy bones. But let me shock you, healthy bones need calcium, boron, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, zinc and many other vitamins.

Excess calcium void of all these other vitamins and minerals can increase the occurrence of fracture. But vegetable foods and sea vegetables contain calcium and these other minerals such as manganese. Eating these vegetables can provide all the calcium you need.
So what alternatives can you use for milk?

Rice Milk: A blend of brown rice and water. Contains more carbohydrates than cow milk.
Tiger nut milk: Blending of tiger nuts (ofio, aki hausa, aya) can provide you with the necessary minerals and essential vitamins.

Honestly I love meat but it has really been long I ate meat. Reason is that when DW was working on shrinking her fibroid she needed to stop consuming it.Why?

Let me tell you. Do you know that many of these commercially, mass produced meat such as beef, pork, chicken are loaded with hormones and antibiotics.

Okay, chicken for example, we eat chicken these days anyhow. We eat at home and occasions even at restaurants. Infact eating chicken is now the popular chop. Let me show you something very quickly.

You can agree with me that chicken for commercial use are stuffed in cages and are fed with growth hormones to make them grow fat and big and antibiotics for preventing diseases.

As a result of stuffing these birds, they begin to fall sick and there is a disease outbreak. The manager responds by treating these birds with steroids and antibiotics to make them healthy in this unnatural home.
So when you and I eat these birds , we invariably consume their make up such the steroids, growth hormones and co. The resultant effect is of course HORMONAL IMBALANCE.
The local chicken is far better, though may be more expensive and smaller in size is even sweeter and provides nourishment to your bodies. Just make sure you do not consume with their skins.
This is the same thing with other animals such as goats, cow etc
I am not saying that you not eat poultry or meat but do so few times in a week and also make that they are organically fed animals. You can also supplement meat with egg, beans and whole grains.

I hope you enjoyed this article please make sure you share experience and knowledge and of course make your comments below.

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