Here are the two step procedure for unblocking tubes naturally

using supplements.

I will like to address this problem more elaborately here.

You can only know that you have unilateral or bilateral tubal blockage

after undergoing a HSG as symptoms alone is not enough to conclude.

Anyway, this procedure will work for you under the following conditions.

  1. Tubal blockage NOT caused by surgery.
  2. Tubal blockage NOT caused by multiple D & C.
  3. Tubal blockage caused by infections.

So here is the take, if you have tubal blockage caused as a result of surgery

And multiple D & C. This information may not help you.

The process is interesting and demanding, I must tell you that from the onset.

It is not child’s play, you have to put your being into it to make it work. It has worked

For many and I am sure it will work for you..

The Steps.

Step 1 : Marathon Protocol

This protocol takes 28 days minimum of fertility cleansing and infection removal depending on how long your tubes have been blocked. The protocol is divided into two parts.

Detoxification and Fortification.

At the end of this protocol, all the symptoms of the tubal blockage should have seized and you should have started breathing fresh air after this period.

What does this marathon protocol do?

  1. Cleanse up your reproductive tracks.
  2. Brings about healing into damaged areas or areas that requires attention.
  3. Prepares your body for responsive treatments and also for conception.
  4. Allows proper circulation in reproductive organs and other organs of the body.
  5. Balances your hormones   and promotes a healthier body.
  6. Removes every trace of infections causing the blockage.

That is just a few.

This protocol is a must if you want quicker results.

This paves way for the next stage….

Step 2: Supplementation.

All the supplements you will use are already given in details here. But I will give to you the necessary ones here.

  1. Systematic Enzymes

Systemic Enzyme Therapy employs treatment that comprises of utilizing systemic (enzymes regularly found within the body) to help the body diminish irritation, periodic torment and pains, decrease scar tissue that have developed and reduce inflammation in the blocked tubes.

Here is a brief of what these Enzymes can do

  1. They breakdown scar tissues.
  2. They improve blood circulation
  3. They promote tissue cleansing thereby preventing adhesion and scar tissue formation.
  4. It supports egg health.
  5. To prevent miscarriage

Here are the Enzymes that I recommend to help unblock tubes.


Serrapeptase is an enzyme that can be used for unblocking blocked tubes.

  1. Herbal Therapies

This is important in the promotion of a healthy fallopian tube. These herbs have been used time and time again in order to serve effectively in;

  1. Reducing infections ie they serve as antibiotics.
  2. Reducing inflammations and the pains that accompany them
  3. Improving blood circulation within the organs which in turn make the fallopian tube very healthy as fresh nutrients, oxygen and enzymes for healing cells are brought by the blood.
  4. Hormone balancing.

Crystal Star Women's Best Friend, 120 Vegetarian CapsulesWomen Best Friend is a supplement that delivers much more of the above. It contains herbs that have been proven to help boost fertility. Below are the herbs it contains. I will like if you research each of these herbs (just Google each).

  • Jamaican Dogwood Bark
  • Wild Yam Root
  • Goldenseal Root
  • Bladder wrack
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Cramp Bark
  • Ginger Root
  • Hawthorn Leaf
  • Brk. Frt, Arame
  • Dong Quai Root
  • Sarsaparilla Root
  • False Unicorn Root
  • Peony Root
  • Uva Ursi Herb
  • Blessed Thistle.

Chinese Teas.

YiMuCao and Xi Xian Cao are two Chinese teas that have been very effective in the unblocking of blocked fallopian tubes. The results have been electrifying and you can consider using them.


E-Fong Yi Mu Cao - Chinese Motherwort Aboveground Parts, 100 Gram

Xi Xian Cao

Crystal Star Women's Best Friend, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Combining the above with the castor oil therapy will help you a long way in unblocking your tubes.

In fact many have confessed it has a snowball effect.The results have been awesome.

The truth is, the more you attend to following the quicker you unblock your tubes. The time for unblocking depends on your work (following the above) and the level of blockage.

Here is my advice when you are considering buying them

I recommend you shop for three months supply. The reason very obvious, this will allow your body to properly heal and promote a healthier fertile you.


Here is a recap of the combination you can start immediately with.



Xi Xian Cao

Women Best Friend

Castor Oil using the Castor Oil Kit

And do not forget to pray and PRAY.

That will be all for now.

I will you to share what has worked for you, observation and any useful information that can help our readers and if you have questions do not hesitate to ask.

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