Inability to get conceive at the right time really sulks.

And one of the biggest threats to achieving this is Sperm pour or Sperm Leak or Sperm Re flux. But for this case study I will refer to it as Sperm Pour

As someone who has been treating couples with sperm leak since 2010, i can authoritatively tell you the pains couples go through whenever they go through this horrifying experience.

Some are able to fight through and have their babies but others still are left in the same spot.

  But that is if you know exactly what to do.


When you know exactly what to do to get rid of sperm pour, then i can bet in your next cycle you will get pregnant unless there is something else.

The simple truth is that many doctors will tell you that it is very normal and as such have not been able to provide much help on this pin in the neck of a problem.

But that will stop.





A true life experience 

A woman ended her sperm pour issue in just 2 weeks.

Imagine ending a sperm pour issue that have been there for several months within just two weeks.

If your answer is Yes, then let me share with you a live experience of a woman out of the several cases i have handled that explains how she was able to stop her sperm pour problem.


Here we go,

March this year; i received a call from a woman after reading an article from my website.

Here is the article she read.

Article Page

She complained of her inability to conceive after 4 years in marriage.

From  preliminary investigation, i realized that she experienced heavy sperm pour after sex.

According to her, all the husband’s semen came out immediately he comes out of the act of love making.

She also has had a previous abortion which tells me that she had been pregnant at a point in her life and had also suffered from intermittent vagina infections.

So as usual i advised her to start treating the vagina infections and then go ahead and use the Sperm leak treatment kit.

After a week, she called again and told me that the pour had reduced considerable but she was still experiencing it.

I simply told her to carry out a simple sperm pour test and  what to do to take care of the inflammation that came up as a result of scaring caused by the D & C she had previously.

It is also important to note that as result of several antibiotics she had used, her body had developed Mild drug resistant syndrome and as such her body was showing resistance to medication.

Therefore, for her to experience quicker results she had to do something different.


I told her exactly what to do differently.


And one bright Monday Morning in May she called me that she was 4 weeks pregnant.

Great News!

Everything I told her…

… is exactly what the 5 step Zero Sperm Pour Recipe entails.

The 5 step Recipe has been drawn down and has been given to everyone that used the sperm leak treatment kit but that is all about to change now.

I believe you can get a faster result if only you do exactly what this Recipe tells you to do.

The point is clear it’s not only medicines that treats an unhealthy condition 100% , obviously there are other things to it. They are all contained in the 5 step Zero Sperm Pour Recipe

Here is a great news

I know it is possible that you may going through this very challenge or having issues with recurring infections and you are also ready to get rid of these challenges and get pregnant as fast as possible.


This is why i want to introduce to you the 5 step Zero Sperm Pour Recipe I created that gives you a faster chance of stopping sperm pour and increase your chances of conceiving by 100%.

With this recipe you will


  1. Get rid of recurring vagina infections
  2. Get rid of inflammations along the cervical canal.
  3. You will be able to remove clogs that prevent sperm from passing through your cervix.


Personally i have been able to help over 40 couples overcome this issue in the past 60 days.


Yes you read that right.


And so far i have been able to help over 90 women stop sperm pour and successfully got pregnant thereafter since March 2017.


As you begin to use 5 step Zero Sperm Pour Recipe, you will not only get rid of persistent infections but also stop sperm pour.

In fact you are going to enjoy the results it will deliver to you.



.. you will enjoy healthier menstrual cycles

.. You experience zero sperm pour after sex.

.. You can just end up getting pregnant faster than you imagined.


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