Life is a functional process because it is governed by principles. These principles make it possible for the best to be received out of life once it is run accordingly. Certain principles also govern the way and manner our body works. And violation of these principles brings about a negative reaction such as sicknesses in our bodies.

The drugs you take are also governed by principles in order to bring about healing in your body. This principles thrives on favorable conditions to work properly and effectively to bring about good health to you.

That is why when some drugs are administered to patients, the Doctor will require the patient to have a bed rest so that the drug can work properly for the patient. Anything outside this may be counterproductive..

Everything in life you must understand is governed by principles or law, in order to enjoy a smooth process.

Today I will be showing you some things you must avoid taking if you want any drug, medicine or supplement to work for you. I am also indirectly telling why some of the drugs you have used previously did not show any sign of effect in your body or seemed not to have worked even after repeated use.

I will touch on only 3 reasons today and look at the others some another time.

Alcohol – download3

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages as tempting as they may be are not advised to be taken when you are on spiritual exercises such as praying and fasting.

Alcoholic drinks are not to be used also in your best interest when on medications.Some of the reasons are;

  1. Change in blood pressure
  2. Loss of coordination
  3. Irregular of abnormal behaviour
  4. Headaches
  5. Fainting
  6. Accidents

It can also increase the risk of complications such as:

  1. Liver damage
  2. Internal bleeding
  3. Disjointed breathing
  4. Heart problems
  5. Anxiety
  6. Depression

Little volume of alcohol can decrease the potency of drugs or can make them absolutely useless.. At times because of the chemical reactions between alcohol and the drugs you have taken, the resultant effect of the reaction is toxicity that brings harm to the user.

It is very important that alcohol should be avoided as much as possible when you are trying to conceive,both male and female alike. As there are very strong indications that it takes couples that consumes more alcohol more time to conceive.

As much as possible, because of possible interactions and decrease or neutralizing the effectiveness of the potency of drug, please do avoid sipping alcoholic beverages while on fertility medication.



As we are all aware, sugar is no longer a good friend to man. Besides the increase in illnesses associated with excess sugar consumption such as diabetes and many infections, it also makes it difficult for drugs to bring about healing to you.

Yeast infections for example is an infection that is sugar based but usually very uncomfortable for the lady that has it. The moment she starts treatment and goes ahead to use a bottle of coke to roll down the antibiotics that has been prescribed for her, she unconsciously nullifies the effect of the antibiotics.

Sugar destroys body tissues and also a poison to the cell. How possible is it when attempting to repair these cells and still eat or take sugary content in food or beverages?

I have seen many times people use sugar based soft drinks to take drugs and even some of our nurses encourages us to do so. This is wrong.

For fertility, a man with erectile dysfunction as a result of the sugar content of his body takes medication and sees no result and thinks that the drug is not working. No

The sugar has simply made the drug to be ineffective. The first step such a person will take is to detoxify his internal organs such as liver and the colon.

You are guaranteed better results from medicine when the intake of sugar is reduced or eliminated completely.

It is important before you start any therapy to do a Fasting Blood Sugar Test to enable determine your sugar levels and detox if need be before starting any treatment.

download (1)Cold Water

I was a lover of cold water especially during my stay in Northern Nigeria. Nothing is sweeter than a cold drink on a hot day. As sweet as the refreshing cold water brings into our bodies, it also comes with a laser after effect of serious health problems.

Man is warm blooded and taking cold water into this warm complex system is like contradicting your system.

The body is made up of 70% warm water. Being the medium blood uses in effectively transporting nutrients within the body, it becomes a big problem if 30% of the water we drink is against normal body temperature as a result the body finds it difficult to make use of it.

Drinking cold water leads to chronic diseases .

Using medications and drinking cold water slows the process of absorption of the drug by the body.

In order to avoid very slow healing and complications, avoid or totally eliminate drinking of cold water.

But take plenty of warm water that corresponds to your body temperature for effective results.

While on this trying to conceive journey, it important to adhere strictly to the principles that helps you recover fast.

Once again while on treatments, avoid


Sugary beverages

Our good friend cold water and cold drinks.

Please drop your comments below.

Enjoy your weekend.


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