indexI am writing this article for you to provide timely help for you to unblock your tubes and have the desired baby you want to have in good time.

I am very happy writing this because in this article is the only code to unblocking blocked fallopian tubes within 6 to 12 weeks Guaranteed.



By way of Introduction, the fallopian tube is either a pair of long slender ducts or tubes in the female abdomen that transports ova(egg) from the ovaries to the uterus (womb).

It also aids in the transportation of sperm to meet the released egg for fertilization.

There is something interesting about the fallopian tube that I need to open your eyes to. The fallopian tube have small hair like projection called cilia on the cells along its lining.

The cilia helps to move the egg through the tube to the womb. But if the cilia is damaged, the egg cannot be transported along normally thereby making fertilization impossible.

And hence the tube is said to be blocked.

A tube can be blocked and the other side opened or both tubes can be blocked and is termed bilateral tubal blockage.

Major Causes Of Tubal Blockage

  1. Infections such as Chlamydia Trachoma and gonorrhoea  is responsible for hydrosalpinx and salpingitis.
  2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  3. Tumors such as fibroids
  4. Scars tissues in the pelvis resulting from operations, D&C etc
  5. Pelvic Adhesion
  6. Asherman syndrome
  7. Intrabdominal infections such as appendicitis

All the above can cause twisting or shrinking of the fallopian tubes. This causes damage of the fallopian tube or narrows its diameter and increases the risk of  ectopic pregnancy. This can be life threatening.


In my short time in Practice (6years), I have had cause to talk to over 8,000 couple both online and offline.About 1,500 of these women had blocked fallopian tubes.

I am writing this article shoulder high that with God I have helped about 857 women unblock their tubes successfully and it is still counting. These figures are those that called or sent messages through mails and whatsapp.

For 5yrs, I have employed the use of systematic enzymes and the marathon protocol to do the job and honestly the results have been awesome.

But it had its shortcomings.

  1. These supplements and enzymes were not easily available especially to those in the north. I know how many times in a day, I receive calls just to get castor oil.
  2. Many people did not fancy buying from Amazon themselves and so I as saddled with that responsibility of buying shipping to them.
  3. I ran into trouble at times because of poor service deliveries by logistic companies and also the cost of ferrying these items to Nigeria especially when the dollar rate against the Naira rose up. The cost as simply outrageously high for those that needed these supplements and their issues persisted.

But I did not rest; I labored tirelessly to find a powerful medicines that is cost effective and more importantly within reach to alleviate the traumas of women trying to conceive.

And I found it.

I found an easier way that works faster and very effectively too.

In this feature, I will show the easiest way to unblock tubes and remove any form of scar and adhesions blocking your tubes.

I like things simple and here is the most effective steps to unblock fallopian tubes and kill any trace of infections within 6-8 weeks guaranteed.


This is the starting point. It is very important and necessary to remove toxins from your internal environment. Here are a few reasons why detoxification is Nigeria.

  1. Toxins generally form the make-up of the blockages in the tubes, menstrual irregularities and other abnormalities associated with infertility.
  2. In the cause of treating infertility related issues, it is possible you have taken drugs, herbs and supplements. And as such the body forms mild resistance to anything you take afterwards. This means when you take a drug or herb, you do not see its effect in your body or you don’t get the required result. But when you detoxify u clean completely all the clogs that brings about mild resistance and it immediately puts your body in a good platform to respond to any form of treatment.

STEP 2  Use Of Chinese Medicine + Systematic Enzymes.

I will make this brief and concise as much as possible.

Have you ever wondered why China is the most populous country in the world?

The reason is not far-fetched, it is not that they do not have fertility issues but they simply have answers to many infertility issues.

These answers lies in the effective use of their roots to solve their fertility issues.From these roots powerful medicines have been produced doing justice to fertility issues. And for unblocking tubal blockages, there are no exceptions.


This kit contains powerful 5 Chinese medicines specially packaged to

  1. Unblock blocked Fallopian tubes
  2. Remove pelvic adhesion
  3. Hydosalpinx
  4. Endometriosis
  5. Ovarian cysts
  6. Cures pelvic inflammation disease
  7. Promote blood circulation
  8. Stops and stifles the development of tumors
  9. Clears away internal heat and takes care of discomfort and irritability
  10. Has the power to clear toxins from vagina and allows easy flow of sperm into vagina.
  11. Promotes blood flow to regulate menstrual flow
  12. Helps conditions in which the heart beat irregularly or abnormally
  13. Helps to constrict uterus and vagina
  14. Helps to remove blood stasis (stagnant blood) and promote proper thereby removing pains in the pelvic regions
  15. Postpones menopause and delay aging process
  16. Helps to properly balance hormones
  17. For proper detoxification.
  18. Lowering of blood lipids

And many more.

This kit contains five powerful Chinese herbs which includes a powerful tampon.

I have used this kit on over 123  women and the results have been impressive.

I am giving an unreserved Guarantee for the efficacy of this kit.

There are only three packages of this kit available.

i. The first is the Complete Pack .

Ideal for occluded tubes and infection related tubal blockages.

The kit consists of;

1. Chinese medicines (for unblocking of tubes,shrinking of cysts and , crushing PID etc)

2. Healthy detox

3. Systematic Enzymes (for removal of pelvic adhesion and inflammation of the tubes).

4.  Marathon Protocol

It costs N 180,000. A full blown package and highly recommended. Takes care of you for three months thereby absolutely equipping you for conception.

Shipping to any part of Nigeria within 3 days is absolutely free.


ii. The Second is the Jolly Pack 

Ideal for occluded tubes and infection related tubal blockages.

1. Chinese medicines (for unblocking of tubes,shrinking of cysts and , crushing PID etc)

2. Healthy detox

3. Systematic Enzymes (for removal of pelvic adhesion and inflammation of the tubes).

4.  Marathon Protocol

It costs N 150,000.

Shipping to any part of Nigeria within 2 days is absolutely free.

When you order for the kit you are given the instructional guide to the Marathon Protocol absolutely free. The Marathon protocol kick starts the journey from infertility to fertility and culminates in the use of the Fertility Kit.

It is a complete BLOWOUT

This Fertility Kit is a product of my years of unending and tireless research just to put smiles in the life of many Nigerians struggling with infertility.

And it is expected to deliver the job in maximum of 12 weeks.

This kit is now in stock and you can place your order by sending me a mail to or send an sms to 08036169013 or 0815544307 or send your order message to me through whats app 08036169013.

Or pay directly to any of these banks

Account Name – Kolawole Bisiriyu

First Bank -3063254041

GTBank -0022087327

Access Bank – 0695173205

Once you make payments, send a mail to

With your Name and State and Town where to want the kit to be delivered to you.

We use transport services to ship the Fertility Kit around the nation. And it is usually delivered within 3 days including weekends.

This is the best thing that has come out for the reversal of fertility issues in your life. Indeed it a breakthrough for those that desire to have their own children as soon as possible.

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