How To Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally.

Unblocking Fallopian tubes may not be as complicated as it seems especially if the tubes have not been litigated. There are factors that make Fallopian tubes to be blocked and prevent women from getting pregnant or risk Ectopic pregnancy.

However, if your tubes are blocked you can make use of this magic formula for at least 3 months and reverse blocked Fallopian tubes naturally. The reason I am recommending this combination is that it has worked for several women and there is a big chance it will work for you.

Here are a few testimonies.

Shelisha have been trying to conceive for over three years. She was diagnosed of fallopian tubal blockage and IVF was recommended. She started using Serrapeptase and the tea. After 2 months on the combination she got pregnant.

God’s Child had been trying to conceive for over 13 years . She had been up and everywhere just to ensure she conceived. According to her “ I used the teas 2 times a day and I took 2 serrapeptase  once a day” She got pregnant after a lengthy 13years of trying .

Happiness went for hsg on March 5th 2018  and was told her right tube was blocked and left patent open. IVF was the only option for her recovery. She ordered serrapeptase and the Chinese teas and castor oil from amazon and started using them . She included prayers too.

While on the second bottle of serrapeptase she got pregnant on may 2018

Another got pregnant 2 months into the administration of these powerful combination. According to her “ I got pregnant in 2 months after taking these products. My baby was born 9 pounds. She’s one now a healthy baby. I also did the massages with castor oil with heating pads …”

Several testimonies abound on the efficacy of this combination.

What is the combination?


Serrapeptase – A powerful enzyme primary used to help to remove adhesions. Get it Here

Xi Xian Cao

Xi xian cao – One of the herbal teas administered to help for tubal and menstrual related issues. Xi xian cao is so powerful because it simply makes blood moves. And once this happens healing is imminent. Get it Here


Yimucao – Chinese mother wort, very powerful in the treatment of fertility issues such blocked Fallopian tubes, PCOS, Amenorrhea etc. Get it here

8 out of 10 women that have used this combination have had their tubes opened. You are NEXT!

Castor Oil – Provides room for healing within the female reproductive organs. It combines powerfully with Serrapeptase to remove adhesion.   Get it Here

This combination WORKS! and the results speak for itself, instead of wasting money on procedures that rip you off and waste your time, I will advice you start with this combination and as many others that got their BFP in the second month, you will have yours. Unless your case is very complex, then drop a mail or comment below.

Awaiting your testimony.

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