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Today I will show you an effective plan you can put in place to increase your chances of getting pregnant within this cycle.

I term it the Sperm Egg Kiss Plan (SEKP).

It is a plan that works with perfect timing of intercourse.

Here are a few things the Sperm Egg Kiss plan helps you to achieve.

  1. Chances of conceiving in any given cycle are increased.
  2. Lapses as a result of poor timing of bedding are fixed.
  3. Ensures that the egg cannot escape but must be courted and kissed by the spermatozoa.


There is nothing about improving your chances of conceive if timing is not done properly. Proper timing is an important key to maximize its use if you want to improve your chances in any menstrual cycle.

What does it entail?

It entails taking advantage of your fertile window in every cycle if you want to conceive. The idea is very simple. The fertile window is the period, usually a few days in the woman’s cycle when she is fertile and can conceive. It is important to recognize this period and it is usually around the ovulation period.

So it is very logical and important that in any menstrual cycle irrespective of the length of the cycle, every woman should be able to know when she experiences ovulation.

Let’s look at this way,

Using the chart below to get a better understanding.


This chart shows a 28 – 32 days cycle of a woman. So if the number of days of your cycle falls within, then the chart will help you.  From the onset of menstruation, a short period of infertility is on and this runs to about the eighth day. This period is called the pre- ovulatory infertile phase. You can see from the chart, these days are in red.

From the eighth day of the cycle till possibly the 19th day are fertile periods after which the following days that  concludes the cycle are infertile days and are referred to as post ovulatory infertile phase.

So how can you take advantage of your fertile days to conceive?

It is important to know that the sperm can live between three to five days under standard conditions.

But the egg lives between 12 – 24 hours.

If you have the normal 28 day cycle, you can start bedding from day 8 to day 10. That is three good days. There after you can begin checking for ovulation signs to be very sure when ovulation will occur.

To check for ovulation signs use an OPK (ovulation prediction kits) to achieve that, and once it gives you a positive sign, bed for another three days in a row.

With this you have maximally used your fertile window and the spermatozoa must kiss the egg resulting in fertilization.

A day after your ovulation, you can introduce the eating of pineapple and its core for the next five days. All you need do is cut the whole pineapple into five pieces and eat a piece each for five days. This helps with implantation.

Don’t forget to continue to use your pre-natal supplements during this period.

Timing using this SEKP helps to improve your overall chances of conceiving within a particular menstrual cycle.

Try it and believe God for His visitation and you will experience the wonders in this plan.


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