How To Boost Sperm Count And Sperm Motility.

Are You Worried?


In Nigeria, when a couple fails to conceive the blames naturally goes to the woman. Many women have suffered harsh treatments from in-laws and even husbands alike because of lack of conception.

The news today is that about 40% of the infertility cases comes from men. It will be worth saying that the men should go for tests to check their position when the issue of trying to conceive comes under the radar in their families.

The major infertility problem for men boils down to sperm count and motility.For the males , we consider a normal count to be more than 20 million per ml, and of these, at least 50% of the sperm should be motile (moving forward).

If your sperm count does not reach the count of 200milion per ml, then the following changes can be made to improve your sperm count and testerone level.

We are going to be looking at tackling male infertiity low sperm count and mobility and low testoterone levels. The following tips can be appilied for good results.

Change in diet: Increased intake of the following is required.

    1. Red meat –pork,beef,lamb
    2. Fish preferably oily fish such as salmon,tuna
    3. Dairy products such as egg,milk,yoghourt
    4. Beans and legumes.
    5. Leafy green vegetables
    6. Fresh fruits and vegetables preferably organic



Taking Beverages That Contains Caffeine Is Not Good.

  1. Foods that contain caffeine such as tea,coffee,chocolate
  2. Proccessed canned and saturated foods.This includes all artificial ingredients and addictives,food colouring and food addictives.
  3. Fried foods.
  4. Eating in excess or glutony

There is a  popular medication that has been known to lower sperm count and fertility in men and that is Tagamet – used to treat ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, and urinary tract infections. This medication can have a harmful effect on sperm production as well as sperm count. No doubt you can avoid them by talking to your doctor to give an alternative that will not affect your sperm and fertility.



Use Vitamins & Supplements Instead Of Drugs

Take on a daily basis for a period of 8-12 weeks to help motility and increase sperm count.

  1. Vitamin A = 3000 – 10000 IU
  2. Vitamin B =1000 – 1500mcg gaily (or B complex)
  3. Vitamin C =1000 mcg daily
  4. Vitamin E =400mg daily
  5. Zinc =10 -50 mg daily
  6. Solenium -100mcg
  7. Arginine – Take 10 minutes before intercourse

Here are just a few you can get started with. These will guarantee results if adhered to.

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