Male Fertility is as important as female fertility. If the male is not fertile it is impossible for the fertile female to get pregnant.
I see a lot of women doing the running around even when the husbands are the problem.

Male infertility is very common today and there are some factors that contribute to decline in sperm quality and penile erection over time.
Some of these factors are primary made up of lifestyle and dietary choices.

But the problem is that as you age, the lifestyle and dietary choices you made  in the past and presently begins to take a toll on you. Fertility issues presents itself.

Here are fertility issues you may face as you get older.

1. Low libido – Low or no sexual urge at all. Most men that suffer from low libido give lame excuses of tiredness from the day’s job to their partners.
When you are experiencing low libido understand that something is definitely wrong with you.

2. Erectile Dysfunction – Inability to maintain an erection for a long time. In other cases, experiencing premature ejaculation i.e releasing sperm even before the show starts.
I am glad that i enjoy good erection even after i am done with session with my wife.

3 Poor Sperm health – Poor sperm count,poor motility and low sperm morphology all falls into this class. This makes it difficult to impregnate your wife.

4 Poor Prostrate health – As you age, your prostrate gland gets bigger and it important you be well aware and know when to seek attention when the symptoms show up.

Inorder to corect the above mentioned problems, note that you will need to do the following
1. Exercise regularly.
2. Eat nutrient loaded male fertility meals
3. Ensure that you are able to manage stress to the bearest minimum
4. Make sure you include in your fertilty health plan the following under listed supplements.

1. L-Argine
An excellent supplement for increasing libido , erectile dysfunction and activating penile erection.
The supplement is an amino acid which helps to improve blood circulation. The amino acid fights against stress and as such will help to improve erectile dysfunction caused by stress.


2. Cordyseps
A medicinal mushroom that helps to regulate testosterone and cortisol production in men. Cordyceps Sinensis has proved to be helpful in restoration of sexual function as a result of increased testosterone.
A great energy booster with anti aging properties helps to make you last longer in bed.Cordy Active comes to mind.
3. CoQ10 – A powerful antioxidant. This supplement is necessary for all men over age 30.It is best known to improve cellular energy, improve sperm motility and more importantly protects sperm health and the DNA.


4. L-Carnitine
Another powerful antioxidant that works excellently with CoQ10 in order to provide fertility longevity. It helps to prevent free radical damage to the mitochondria thereby delaying the aging process. It also helps to improve energy and sexual function in aging men.


5. Saw Palmetto – An excellent herb used by herbalists to protect and boosting male fertility from the adverse effects of dangerous life style and environmental factors.
This herb is made to supports healthy prostrate, reduce Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostrate.
Therefore, this herb is shown to support the reproductive health of both males and females.


6. Tribulus – I like this one. Tribulus Terrestris is a powerful stimulating tonic for immune boosting, sexual and reproductive system of both sexes. This herb increases the testosterone levels in males. It improves libido, reduces sperm antibodies. The herb is also used for impotence and male fertility.
It aids hormonal balance and protects the liver.

These supplements and herbs come as a whole or combined together  to make wholesome herbal/ supplement products that can be found in good health shops. Please make sure you contact your doctor before using them.

As I wrap up this article, please understand that male fertility challenges increases with age. Therefore, it is important to note that today is the best day to start taking charge of your fertile health.
Do so to preserve and protect the coming generation.

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