weak erections 2Weak erections also known as impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability
of the penis to maintain an erection that is firm enough for or during sexual activity.

This condition is very embarrassing and have been responsible for suicides,
infidelity in women and more recently psychological and emotional breakdown in men today.

For most men, this problem is occasional which they get over in no time but if you have been having problems maintaining an erection for most of the time.Then you may have an issue on your hands.

Weak erection is not a disease rather a secondary condition brought about by a primary cause.
In one word it is a side effect of something.

If weak erection is an effect of a primary cause.What are the cause of weak erections.
There are four categories of causes of weak erections

weak erections
1. Physical – A large percentage of men with weak erections are caused by physical causes.They creep in gradually.
Here are some physical causes of weak erections.

a.  Diseases of the blood vessels – Also known as vascular diseases are the leading cause of impotence in me. These diseases includes hypertension, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis( hardening of the arteries) and some other conditions that interferes with blood flow.
If the blood flow to the penis is poor or poor blood flows to the penis,then impotence is imminent.

b. Venous Leakage – This occurs when the veins in the penis are unable to close properly or constrict during an erection.
Erections are maintained if the penile veins are closed off and blood is held in the penis. But when this veins leak, blood leaks finds their way quickly into the bodt and erection

c. Diabetes – Another cause of impotence. Diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves. When nerves fails, it is impossible for the brain to receive sexual stimulus that enables erections.
More than 50% of diabetic men above 55 yrs experience impotence.

d. Neurologic (nerve) disease – Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis,Parkinson’s disease and injuries to the spinal cord with paralysis affects the nervous system. This in turn causes impotence

e. Drugs – Side effects of prescription drugs can cause weak erections as a side effect. Many drugs used today fall into the category of drugs that causes impotence.
Please always take drugs under the prescription of the doctor. Also use the internet to search for the side effects of drugs prescribed to you by doctors or health practitioners.
Drugs that falls into this category are antidepressants, muscle relaxers and diuretics.

f. Substance abuse – Alcohol or cigarette and illegal drugs use can damage the blood vessels and nerves that is involved in the erection process.

g. Endocrine system deficiencies – Low level of testosterone or thyroid hormone cause poor erections. If Excess prolactin is produced by the pituitary gland, this will in turn produce low testosterone level and poor sexual libido
Others are liver and kidney diseases

2. Psychological impotence – This situation arises when physical causes can not be traced.
Psychological impotence comes suddenly without notice. It is usually caused by job loss,   stress, troubled relationships or marriage or financial burdens.
Anything  disturbing everyday scenario that occupies your conscious and subconscious thoughts can cause impotence. Depression is also related to the psychological effects.

3. Both Physical and Psychological – This is when both physical and psychological causes are responsible for impotence.

4. Unknown – Very rare but it is not out of place when you can not diagnose the cause of your impotence.At this junction,prayers remains the final solution.

Diagnoses Of Weak Erection.

When you notice that you are having erection problems over a period of time. It is advisable to consult with a doctor.
He may recommend various tests to determine the cause of the problems.
Such tests may include
. Complete blood count (CBC) this is a set of blood tests which is done to to check for low blood cell count.

. Hormone profile – which is done to measure the levels of of sex hormones such as testosterone and prolactin.

. Duplex ultrasound – to take pictures of tissues in the penile region

. Urinalysis – This measures the protein level and testosterone levels in the urine.

But if you know that any of the causes stated above is not peculiar to you then you may need to let your doctor know.

Despite the solutions offered in the hospitals and clinics depending on the cause outside surgical reasons, i will provide a solution here.

1. The “Rock Solid Kit” will be recommended . It contains Re-vive (AK47). It works beautifully well for immediate resurrection of weak erections.
strong erections3
The Re-vive has the power to dramatically correct impotency within 72 hours but it is advisable to continue use for at least 30 days.

If diabetes, hypertension or kidney/ liver related issues is the cause of the impotence, it is advisable to take care of the issues before correcting weak erections.

We offer delivery of the “Rock Solid Kit” to any part of Nigeria within 3 working days.

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