The Fallopian Tube Flush Kit offered by Fertility Round Table is hands down the cheapest and most effective way to unblock Fallopian tubes without going through surgery.

This article will explain in details how it works and how you can get the best results using it.

I am using the complete kit with respect to infections to educate you in this article.

Let’s dive in.

An overview of Blocked Fallopian Tube

This site has given a lot of information on this subject and as such I will not go into so much details but I will talk on what you really need to know.

The journey starts when a woman is infected with infections such as chlamydia and Pelvic inflammation disease.

She notices she is not comfortable down there or emits discharge from her vagina and rushes to a doctor or a chemist and drugs like


  1. Azithromycin
  2. Ciprofloxacin
  3. Levofloxacin
  4. Dexycycline
  5. Macrobid
  6. Zithromax
  7. Amoxicillin
  8. Augmentin

Just to mention a few are administered for use.

The queer thing is that the infection is suppressed and may remain dormant and possibly will resurface again. But if it does not find its way to become more potent seeking better arrears in the reproductive area to manifest and cause more havoc.

In many cases it transposes to Pelvic inflammatory disease where in some cases symptoms may not be noticeable at all. And this awful disease moves up in the reproductive area and creates an abode in the Fallopian tube causing either a partial blockage that results to Ectopic pregnancy or complete blockage.

There are other cases in which a woman may under go CS or a surgery to remove tumors such as fibroid or cysts from the ovaries. The scars left behind from this surgeries in the process of healing releases fluids and this fluids seeks a landing. The Fallopian tube provides such a landing and a place of abode for these fluids.

The woman continues to try to conceive and conception is not forthcoming or may get pregnant only for it to be an Ectopic pregnancy.

The goes for HSG test and discovers that either one tube or both tubes are blocked and hence her travail begins.

She may opt for IVF as advised by her specialist or gynecologist and go ahead to do one in most cases paying for the procedure with the skin of her teeth. In many cases, IVF fails and the reason will be discussed in another article.

Or may undergo a Laparoscopy procedure. Which of course in many cases does not produce results.

And if she does not have such money looks elsewhere to get a solution.

It is important you understand the most important elements of a blocked tube and I tell you in a jiffy.

When this infectious fluids or infections takes abode in the Fallopian tube. They do the following.

  1. They inflame the tube. What do I mean.? The tube is created by God to have a given diameter with little or no allowances for expansion along its diameter. When the new visitor (infected fluids) arrives in the tube, they inflame it by forceful expansion of the tubal diameter at a given location. This in some cases causes unexplained pains.
  2. They Block the tube. The egg and the sperm may not meet for fertilization because of the infected fluids that reside at a location in tubes. And if they meet in cases of partial blockage, the fertilized egg cannot travel to the womb thereby causing Ectopic pregnancy.
  3. They cause adhesion. You can agree with me that when fluids stay too long in a spot they become slimy and begin to stick to their host. This is what happens in the tube, the redundant infected fluid begins to cause the walls of the thin tubes to stick together thereby causing tubal adhesion. Friends, the longer they remain there the more the adhesion and the more danger it poses for the woman.
  4. They create scar tissues. Using the rain water as example, if rain falls and forms a pool of water on the ground. If the water remains there for a long time, let’s say a week.By the time it dries up you will notice patches and crusts on the ground where the water stayed. This is what happens to in the tubes when infected fluids abode in the tubes. So if the infected fluids are no longer there, the scar tissues remain.

That is enough for now

This means that if you have to undergo any treatment to unblock your tubes all the four things I outlined above must be addressed.

Your tube is healthy if a released egg will successfully meet a lucky sperm cell for fertilization and the passage way is cleared for the fertilized egg or zygote to move to the womb for implantation and further development of the fetus.

And this is exactly what the Fallopian Flush Kit provides for blocked tubes. In one sentence, it makes healthy tubes and provides a clear passage for fertilization and onward transportation of the Zygote.

This is what it means, if the Fallopian flush kit is used to unblock Fallopian tubes, it helps to do among the many the following things.

  1. Removes inflammation
  2. Removes scar tissues
  3. Kills and eliminate infection by sucking them out of the tube
  4. Heals the tube
  5. And finally unblock the tubes. It does not end there;
  6. It prepares the would be mother for conception of a healthy baby.

The Contents Of The Fallopian Flush Kit.

I will not list all here because everything has been opened here but we shall look at the essentials and what it will do for you.

1. Healthy Herbal Detox – The starting point of every fertility treatment outside the hospital walls   is detoxification. It simply meant to
get rid of toxins. Toxins in most cases co habit with infections and make the body unfruitful. The moment these toxins are off, your body becomes
very responsive to any treatment that you undertake and makes it easy for hormones to properly coordinate.

2. Healthy Herbal Tampon– At the onset we do not encourage the use of tampons because of some of the problems associated with
its use such as infections. But there arose a real need to have healthy medicines released into the reproductive area to suck out and kill stubborn infection such as PID and remove any unwanted material and toxins from the reproductive area. And the tampon is the one shot that can do that.

The next thing was to get a herbal tampon that will not only remove every unwanted material in the reproductive area but effectively sanitize the reproductive areas starting from the vagina deep down into every reproductive organ of the woman getting rid of pelvic inflammations and diseases that have made conceiving difficult by attacking the reproductive area as well as the Fallopian tube.

This top notch tampon was found and it is also worth knowing that it does not cause infections like other tampons do but rather will add to your beauty.

3. Systematic Enzymes – This was necessary because of two primary reasons. To remove adhesion and restore inflamed tubes.
It also has the added advantage of promoting circulation of healthy blood within the reproductive area thereby making it
easy for rubbish to be easily moved out of the body through the vagina.

4. Hormonal Balancers – The flush kit provides proven supplements that contains herbs that helps balance hormones thereby making
it easy for you to have regular menstrual flow monthly and only that it helps to promote healthy ovulation making it easy for you
to target your fertile period. This in turn improves your chances of conceiving easily.

It also helps to make your egg healthy and ready for fertilization when released during ovulation.



Every supplement and medicine in this kit provides you another opportunity to start life anew, put yourself in shape for another fruitful try as you make it a date with history when you conceive.

Also included is the Marathon Protocol which is the most comprehensive guide to Fallopian and Reproductive health recovery and delivers to you the essentials of this treatment. It simply ushers you into a new world of healing, showing you easy steps to follow everyday for the next 30 days for creating a better and fertile you. The Fallopian Tube Flush Kit is in compliance with the Marathon Protocol procedure and it is a must for you if you want your tubes unblocked.

Your get this instructional guide absolutely free.


What You Must Understand About The Fallopian Flush Kit.

It works perfectly for infection/PID related tubal blockages. Here is a tip, the milder the blockage, the faster it is unblocked.

And of course the severe blockage takes more time to unblock. But whichever way, the Fallopian Tube Flush kit will deliver at most in three months.

It is the most pocket friendly tubal blockage solution in the market today , you cannot ask for more. And the beauty is that you begin to experience obvious changes within three days you begin to run with it.

The Fallopian Tube Flush Kit just what you can take advantage of immediately.


Contact us today and let us discuss what you are going through and help you with a package that will help you.

Shipping is free to any part of the country.

If Tubal blockage is stopping you from bearing your own child, don’t let anything, anyone even your husband stop you from taking advantage of any of the Packs

You can get more details of the content of the pack here.

Wishing all the best.



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