babybabyHave you ever noticed that your breasts are getting bigger and painful at certain times in your cycle?
If you don’t go through this experience, other women do and your friend may be experiencing or going through it with a heavy heart.
This article is for you because breast swelling and tenderness is a common issue among women.

Your breast getting bigger as your menstrual flow approaches is a common symptom of premenstrual syndrome or PMS.
It can also be a symptom of fibrocystic breast disease.

This term is used to describe very painful,lumpy breast just before menstrual flow.

Typically the lump shrinks immediately menstrual flow ends.

Breast swelling and soreness as one of the symptoms of  PMS can be viewed on how severe the pain is.
The experience peaks just before menstrual flow and disappears during or immediately the flow stops.

These symptoms are very annoying but the advice here is when the swelling and pains becomes very uncomfortable for you,please call your doctor.

Anyway there is really nothing to worry at when you feel these symptoms.

It is important for you to know  that there is a reason for the swelling of your breasts before menstruation.

What are these reasons?

You must understand that the menstrual cycle is hormone influenced. As menses approaches, the  hormonal levels fluctuate and for this reason you experience breast heaviness and tenderness.
This is how it works (understand that the exact timing of change of hormone level differs with every woman).
Immediately after ovulation, that is, from day 14 to day 28 (for a 28 day cycle)  ,the hormone estrogen is at a very high level and the increasing level of Progesterone is responsible for the enlargement and widening of the milk ducts thereby causing the breast to be heavy and painful.

Also, using of supplements and medications that contains estrogen can bring about breast changes which includes swelling.

Symptoms of breast heaviness

You experience Breast swelling and heaviness about a week to menstrual flow sometimes ten days before, which usually disappears on or after menstrual flow.

While most breast heaviness due to PMS are harmless, it is important to consult your doctor when you experience worrisome breast changes as this could be a pointer to infections or other medical conditions

What to do to reduce symptoms, 

1. Use pain relievers to relieve pain
2. If you have sever breast pain please consult your doctor
3. Wear a supportive bra
4. Decrease or eliminate the use of alcohol, caffeine, foods that are high in fat and salt at least a week or two before your period starts.
5. Daily intake of Vitamin E and 400mg of magnesium is essential
6. Eat variety of foods that are rich in nutrients. Foods such as spinach,avocados,carrots,bananas,brown rice
7. Exercise.

Again breast heaviness before menses are caused by hormonal changes and are  usually harmless. And as such there is really nothing to worry about.

But once you feel lumps in your breasts or one of either breast,  please consult your doctor.

Feel free to add contributions and ask your questions in the comment box below.

God bless you.

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